Trueview 3mp 1296p

  • Specs:
    Brand Trueview
    Connectivity Technology Wireless
    Special Feature 2 Way Audio, HD Resolution, Night Vision, Built In Light, Motion Sensor
    Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor, Indoor
    Compatible Devices Laptop
    Connectivity Protocol Cellular
    Controller Type Android
    Mounting Type Embedded
    Video Capture Resolution 3 MP
    4G Sim Based 3MP 1296p HD With 9 IR LED


  •  About device:
  • Cutting-Edge Vision Technology: Explore our 4g sim based extensive range of products boasting an ‘All time color vision’ feature, ensuring vivid and clear visuals. With a remarkable 3 MP resolution, witness unparalleled image quality that sets new standards for surveillance and security.
  • Expandable Storage Options: Enjoy the convenience of ample storage with 256GB SD Card support, ensuring that you never miss a moment. Our products provide the flexibility to store large amounts of footage, offering peace of mind and extended recording capabilities.
  • Enhanced Communication Systems: Elevate your security measures with Full Duplex Audio Intercom functionality, allowing seamless two-way communication. This advanced feature facilitates real-time interaction, enhancing the overall monitoring and surveillance experience.
  • Optimized Night Vision: Our products incorporate a sophisticated Infrared and white dual-light design, accompanied by 3 adjustable night vision modes. This ensures that you have optimal visibility in low-light conditions, providing a comprehensive surveillance solution round the clock.


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